The Crazy Seal Roofing System

Your Transport roof will love you when you protect it with Crazy Seal!

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Nothing takes a beating like a vehicle roof.

Driving a vehicle down the road is like setting off a mini earthquake. You want a roof on your vehicle that can handle everything you throw at it and stand the test of time. With the Crazy Seal Roofing System, it is one and done! Properly apply our seamless roofing system and you’ll be cruising with the best roofing system money can buy.

Imagine applying a roofing system to your vehicle that would outlast the vehicle itself! The founders of Crazy Seal developed our product for the person looking for a permanent, DIY solution to their roofing needs. Better by design, our high grade fiber-infused silicone based system is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, and tough.

What is Crazy Seal?

The Crazy Seal Roofing System is a revolutionary, fluid applied, seamless roofing system designed to permanently seal flat / low slope roofing applications like rv’s, transportation vehicles and trailers, residential flat roofs, commercial flat roofs, and more! Crazy Seal takes the complex world of roofing and simplifies it so that it can be installed by just about anyone.


Our chemical strategists and product testing teams spent years developing what may well be the strongest fluid-applied roofing membrane ever brought to market. Now our system is here and available to help you complete your seamless roofing project, backed by our 50 year warranty.






Who is Crazy Seal for?


Crazy Seal was made by professionals for professionals. Make (lots of) money installing our seamless roofing system.


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Use our professional system to do your roof once and do it right! Contact us to find a pro in your area or to build a custom kit.

Why is it better?

Fiber Infusion

The Crazy Seal Roofing System was designed from years of research and testing across thousands of flat roofing applications. Combining several strength enhancing roofing systems into one unique and proprietary formulation, we were able to create a suite of products uniquely effective in solving your roofing problems.


Crazy Seal is the only silicone coating system on the market that uses Polyethylene fibers in its product. It makes whatever it’s applied to stronger. Think what rebar does to concrete. In the past, this has traditionally been a drawback to silicone coatings and a major concern for RVers where contact with tree branches are commonplace. In other words, it adds additional strength, durability and even scratch resistance.

Fiber Infusion

More Actual Silicone Content

Unfortunately, many big box brand coatings use cheap fillers to increase their solids content on their coatings to lower their product costs. This results in less overall silicone by volume. While incorporating cheap fillers can help keep prices low, it comes at the cost of reduced performance and longevity. Here at Crazy Seal we will never lower the quality of our ingredients simply to produce a cheaper product. We source our silicone and silica based ingredients from the same suppliers that supply the pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the quality and performance of our ingredients. That means the tightest tolerances, and we put more of the good stuff in our products. We do not use cheap fillers, etc.

Other Silicones

Crazy Seal


Cheap coatings often are not much more than glorified paint, and at best, only offer a temporary solution. Often, you the buyer are not aware of the negative repercussions of using low grade products and end up in a loop repeating the process over and over again. As Crazy Curtis our Mascot says, “If you buy the best, you only cry one time!”

21½ Reasons Why

Forged from the knowledge gained from thousands of flat roofing installations, we developed the Crazy Seal system with you in mind. 


A system is only as good as YOUR ability to install it! Years of trial and error went into making our system extremely strong yet simple to apply. Because we care about you achieving success with our system, we have created tons of additional resources to help you permanently solve your roofing problems.


If you want to see a full overview of why our system is better than other alternatives, please watch our 21 ½ Reasons Why Crazy Seal is a Superior Roofing System Video and download our free 21 ½ Reasons Why Crazy Seal is a Superior Roofing System PDF explaining each of the concepts one by one.

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Why does Crazy Seal succeed where others fail?

We Support & Care About Our Customers

The Crazy Seal Roofing System is designed to actually solve your roofing problems!  We aren’t just the manufacturer of the best fluid applied seamless roofing system on the market. We are hyper-focused on helping you create an outstanding finishing result, and ship our products directly to you. We have a suite of instructional materials, and have experts on hand to help assist you in making your project a success. 

3 Part Sealing System

Our 3-part sealing system actually stops leaks! Simply applying a membrane to your roof doesn’t necessarily “seal the deal”. Our system focuses on eliminating your problem areas first, then finalizes the sealing process with our final membrane! This ensures you actually solve your problems and eliminate leaks where they are most likely to occur. All components are derived from the same base formula and merge seamlessly together into a single membrane. The end result seals all penetrations and fortifies your roof with a seamless, custom fit membrane covering every square inch of your roof.

We Are One of a Kind

We are not aware of another manufacturer that offers a consumer direct model on an e-commerce platform, with tons of support, and the absolute best product available today. Try getting that from a big box store, where all you know about the product is what you see on the shelf. That’s why Crazy Seal may cost more initially, but the end result, support, and product quality will ultimately be your best long term value.

That’s why every kit comes with:

How much does it cost and how do I buy a kit?​

All Crazy Seal products are purchased right here on and shipped directly to your door! For a detailed price estimate, you can visit our store pages to see an exact price for a particular kit, or you can use the instant quote tool on our pricing page to get an instant quote.


On average, The Crazy Seal Roofing System ranges between $3.00-$5.00 per square foot of coverage depending on your application and coverage rate.


We sell our products in individual kits designed for specific applications like RV’s, Travel Trailers, Tractor trailers, and more. You can also “Build Your Own Kit” from our suite of roofing products and tailor it to your unique application.

Example Projects & What They Cost

This instant quote tool will provide a kit recommendation and pricing! Just use our simple form for an instant quote in under 10 seconds.

24′ Over Existing Membrane

100 – 200 SQ FT Kit

$745 for a Single Layer System
$1195 for a Double Layer System

37′ Over Existing Membrane
200 – 300 SQ FT Kit

$970 for a Single Layer System
$1,645 for a Double Layer System

45′ Over Existing Membrane
300 – 400 SQ FT Kit

$1,220 for a Single Layer System
$2,120 for a Double Layer System

Call us! Want to discuss your project? Our specialists are available to assist by phone M-F 9AM-6PM EST.




Our most popular kit with double layer protection.

A budget-friendly option with single layer coverage.
A special kit for sealing directly over wood decking.

Our most popular kit with double layer protection.


Download our featured article from Trailer Life Magazine explaining our revolutionary DIY Crazy Seal roofing system.


We put our products to the ultimate test. We recommend not trying any of these tests at home!

Let's Get Crazy Video Cover

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Why Crazy Seal For Your Roof?

Our multi-component system flips the roofing equation upside down.




Traditional Roofing

The application of our system completely flips the roofing equation upside down. In typical roofing, you have a substrate like rubber, epdm, etc. that is laid down first with adhesive. Roof components are then installed on top of this substrate with screws, tacks, and nails creating hundreds of potential leak points. Then a layer of sealant is applied on top of the penetrations. At this point, the only protection over those penetrations is that layer of sealant, which over time can rot or deteriorate, leaving your roof vulnerable to water intrusion.

Water Intrusion Examples

Deterioration leading to water intrusion can be incredibly destructive to your vehicle and everything inside. Here are a few examples of how much damage water can do.

The Crazy Seal System

Crazy Seal does exactly the opposite! Our system begins first by using our specially formulated caulk and mastic to seal all seams and penetrations. From there a final membrane is applied on top of the sealed penetrations. The entire roof is now sealed under one giant chemically bonded molecule.
All components are derived from the same base formula and merge seamlessly together into a single membrane. The end result seals all penetrations and fortifies your roof with a seamless, custom fit membrane covering every square inch of your roof. See the before and after sliders below to see how Crazy Seal creates a seamless membrane on every inch of your roof.
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After










Much of the cost of a typical roofing installation comes with labor. Do it yourself and save big with raw materials factory direct from Crazy Seal!


Hiring a roofing technician can take several weeks or even months. With Crazy Seal, you can have a brand new roof within hours of receiving your kit.



If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Rather than putting a bandaid on a problem, do it right and do it once with the Crazy Seal roofing system.

Fire Department Saves $39,000. Their review says it all.

The Town of Emerald Isle Fire Department recently sealed the roof of a 24’ emergency response rescue trailer. The EIFD staff completed the repairs using Crazy Seal products. Instead of spending $40,000 and waiting 12-months for a replacement trailer, town staff spent $1,000 on product. Two days later, the trailer was dry and ready to save lives along the weather impacted coast of North Carolina. Thank you to Crazy Seal and the fantastic folks that make such a wonderful product!

Thank you,

Matt Zapp – Town Manager