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Direct to Deck Kit

Our “Direct To Deck Kit” gives you everything you need to apply two layers of the entire Crazy Seal system directly to wood decking.


Direct to Deck Kits come with enough Crazy Caulk and Crazy Patch to seal your seams and penetrations, enough Crazy Tape to seal your wood seams and edges, and enough Crazy Seal to apply two layers of the Crazy Seal Roof Membrane directly to a wood surface.


Kits are calculated by square footage at 75 SQ FT of coverage to the gallon. Wood has a tendency to soak up product more than a normal roofing application due to porosity. Properly applied at this rate, you will get about 20 mils of thickness per layer on your membrane. This gives a total of around 40 mils on the overall membrane, but thicker in areas where you put down caulk and mastic to seal the seams and penetrations.


Our Direct to Deck System is the perfect solution for those who have existing damage to their roof. You can also use our system as a hybrid, going over a partly normal roof and a partly repaired roof with wood decking. This will allow you to blend the roof for one final seamless look across the entire application.