No one stretches your budget like Crazy Seal!

Facility owners and operators choose Crazy Seal to stretch their roofing budgets. Our one and done system can be applied in stages, ultimately resulting in a full seamless roof. We’d love to have a conversation to see how we can help stretch your budget!

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Install Crazy Seal in stages to stretch your budget:


Start with a repair or install of any size. No job is too big or small.

For example, Phase 1:


All repairs or installations become a part of your full Crazy Seal seamless roof!

For example, Phase 2:


Use Crazy Seal to standardize your roofing & repair process across one or many facilities.

For example, Phase 3:


Every Crazy Seal repair puts you one step closer to having a permanent seamless roof!



Download an article on roofing from Crazy Seal’s President in Restaurant Facility Managers Association magazine.

How to Get a Crazy Seal Roofing Kit

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What is Crazy Seal?

Finally! A roofing system that is not all or nothing.

With Crazy Seal, you can truly begin with a repair and go from there. Our system was designed specifically to allow you to solve immediate problems with a powerful long term solution in mind. Because it is fluid applied, you can use our system on a small application of a few square feet all the way up to completing a full commercial roof that is thousands of square feet! This means you can solve a problem now without sacrificing longevity in the process. 


Better by design, our high grade fiber-infused silicone based system is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, tough, and backed by our 50 year warranty. 

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Install In-House

Install the system in-house using your own staff. We have a full suite of installation videos and PDF’s to walk them through every step of the process.


Hire A Professional Installer

Any local painter, roofer or handyman can easily get the job done, especially with the help of our step-by-step installation videos and PDF’s.

Crazy Seal serves two purposes. It's a roof repair system and a full roofing system!

Nothing is more frustrating than doing the same thing over and over again to the same end result. Spot patching problem areas with sealants only kicks the can down the road to a future more expensive problem. Ultimately, patch jobs have to be removed, creating even more expense when the roof is replaced. This expensive cycle has gone on way too long for millions of facilities all over the world.




It’s time to take back control of your roof! With Crazy Seal, a patch doesn’t just have to be a patch. You can now professionally handle problem areas on your roof, know the system that was used to solve the problem, and expand on it until you have a full seamless roofing system installed that will stand the test of time! Gone are the days of feeling out of control, at the mercy of the endless stream of insanely expensive commercial roofing quotes.


Instead of continually putting band-aids on problems and hoping they stick, begin with the Crazy Seal Roofing System on a small area of your roof. As you continue to do repairs on small areas, they bond to each other until you ultimately end up with a completed seamless roof.


Crazy Seal is an engineering marvel. Our chemical strategists and product testing teams spent years developing what may well be the strongest fluid-applied membrane ever brought to market. Now our patent pending system is here and available to help you complete your seamless roofing project, backed by a fifty year warranty.

Our patent pending system offers advanced new technology that solves an age old problem. For decades, there has been a huge gap in roofing. Most options ranged from low-grade coatings that are temporary at best to inferior roof membranes that often fail within 3-5 years. Previously, access to high quality materials was only available to large roofing contractors. We’ve changed that with Crazy Seal! It’s time to take care of the small and mid-size project with an affordable, high-grade system that can stand the test of time. That’s where Crazy Seal comes in, offering a dynamic new system for those looking for a permanent solution to their roofing needs.

Fire Department Saves $39,000. Their review says it all.

The Town of Emerald Isle Fire Department recently sealed the roof of a 24’ emergency response rescue trailer. The EIFD staff completed the repairs using Crazy Seal products. Instead of spending $40,000 and waiting 12-months for a replacement trailer, town staff spent $1,000 on product. Two days later, the trailer was dry and ready to save lives along the weather impacted coast of North Carolina. Thank you to Crazy Seal and the fantastic folks that make such a wonderful product!

Thank you,

Matt Zapp – Town Manager

Why does Crazy Seal succeed where others fail?

We Support & Care About Our Customers

The Crazy Seal Roofing System is designed to actually solve your roofing problems!  We aren’t just the manufacturer of the best fluid applied seamless roofing system on the market. We are hyper-focused on helping you create an outstanding finishing result, and ship our products directly to you. We have a suite of instructional materials, and have experts on hand to help assist you in making your project a success. 

3 Part Sealing System

Our 3-part sealing system actually stops leaks! Simply applying a membrane to your roof doesn’t necessarily “seal the deal”. Our system focuses on eliminating your problem areas first, then finalizes the sealing process with our final membrane! This ensures you actually solve your problems and eliminate leaks where they are most likely to occur. All components are derived from the same base formula and merge seamlessly together into a single membrane. The end result seals all penetrations and fortifies your roof with a seamless, custom fit membrane covering every square inch of your roof.

We Are One of a Kind

We are not aware of another manufacturer that offers a consumer direct model on an e-commerce platform, with tons of support, and the absolute best product available today. Try getting that from a big box store, where all you know about the product is what you see on the shelf. The end result, support, and product quality will ultimately be your best long term value.

That’s why every kit comes with:

Ready to get started?

Every Crazy Seal repair puts you one step closer to having a permanent seamless roof!


Budget Friendly

Stretch your annual budgets by applying Crazy Seal in Stages.

Standardized Approach

A repair process that is also a long-term solution for all of your facilities.

Energy Efficent

Reduce energy costs with our highly reflective and energy efficient system.

Sustainable & Renewable

No tear off required. Keep your existing roof in tact with Crazy Seal.

Environmentally Friendly

No hydrocarbon solvents are used, only VOC exempt silicon based solvents.

Simple Installation

Our detailed videos & PDFs show you step-by-step how to get the job done.

Fast On-Demand Shipping

We ship anywhere within the United States and Canada.

50-Year Product Warranty

We offer a fully transferrable 50 year product warranty.

In-House Support Team

Our specialists are here to help Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm by phone or email.




Much of the cost of a typical roofing installation comes with labor. Do it yourself and save big with raw materials factory direct from Crazy Seal!


Hiring a roofing technician can take several weeks or even months. With Crazy Seal, you can have a brand new roof within hours of receiving your kit.



If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Rather than putting a bandaid on a problem, do it right and do it once with the Crazy Seal roofing system.